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आ ब्लोगमां चारणी साहित्यने लगती माहिती मळी रहे ते माटे नानकडो प्रयास करेल छे.

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21 जनवरी 2022

Jayvir Gadhvi | GPSC 2019-20 Rank 1 | Mains Answersheet

*Jayvir Gadhvi | GPSC 2019-20 Rank 1 | Mains Answersheet*

Hello GPSC aspirants

       I would like to share my answersheets as well as few ideas which helped me in securing first rank in my first attempt.

*Link for answersheets-*


*My Booklist*

For Pre cum mains

1) Polity- NCERT, M laxmikanth, Vajiram notes, If possible read Constitution of India, vision PT365

2) Geography-NCERT, Vajiram notes, Vajiram Yellow books, GC LEONG, PT365

3) History- NCERT, Spectrum,Nitin singhania, Vajiram notes, Vajiram Yellow books 

4) Economics- NCERT, vajiram notes and yellow book,PT365

5) Society- Notes 

6) IR- Notes

7) Science and tech- Notes, my biology is weak so I read NCERT for biology you can choose according to your strength and weakness, PT365

8) Environment- Notes, Shankar IAS, PT365

9) Disaster management- notes, internet

10) Monthly magazine of any institute but be consistent with it

*Specific for Mains*

1) Mains 365 for all subjects will give you few points on each topic

2) Ethics- Notes and yellow book, Drishti ias material ( I have uploaded pdf)

3) GS 01 Gujarat culture - I didn't had much time so i prepared short notes on each topic from internet, Yuva Upanishads you can follow if you have time

4) Drishti ias questions answers 

5) I followed Drishti ias for many topics on mains you can follow any similar institute if you like

*Do's and don'ts*

1) having individual strategy based on your strength and weakness will help you in scoring good marks

2) Don't follow any topper blindly be rational and think for yourself

3) Going to Delhi/Gandhinagar is not necessary everything depends on you however if you don't have any financial constraints and you can workhard there it will help

4) Language of answer writing does not matter you can choose any language you are comfortable in however if you are equally good in English and Gujarati go for English as better material is available in English

5) Analysis syllabus and past year papers as much as you can

I wish you all very best for your future endeavours

Jayvirbhai Gadhavi (GAS)
Dy. Collector (Rank-1)

1 टिप्पणी:

Unknown ने कहा…

Vande Sonal Mataram Thank You So Much Jayvir Bhai
For Give The Right and Useful information.

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